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Reviews and Recommendations 

November 2019

"Just had new Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires installed. Time in and out 1 hr 40 minutes. Nice, family owned staff, close to my home in Kirkwood. I may get all my auto service done here!" Michael Eggleston

August 2019

"Nice & prompt services."Rameshbhai Brahmbhatt

August 2019

"We found this to be a wonderful family run business!! They stayed open late to rescue us from a potential disaster.

I accidentally put diesel in my car on a road trip heading back from a family reunion further up in New York. Matt was a rockstar in helping us and provided excellent customer service without passing judgement! He saved our SUV and our road trip!!

We hope that other people find Avery Auto Service as helpful and attentive as we did."
 Ellen Martin

June 2019

"Great service! Avery Auto, being a family owned business, is one of the best automotive repair shops in the Southern Tier. They have reasonable pricing, won't break things on purpose and have you come back. One of the only repair shops I have found that is there to satisfy a customer rather than their own wallet. Keep up the great work! John Rauscher

June 2019

"I would recommend to everyone and anyone who doesn't want to be taken on a ride.
The professionalism and Speed is second to None.
Louis DeCena Jr.

June 2018

"I came in from out of town to purchase a used vehicle and the people at Avery Auto Service were extremely nice, helpful and accommodating in answering my questions and giving me information. They even did a very thorough vehicle inspection as a courtesy for me and offered to repair any issues that arose for a reasonable charge. They were extremely busy when I arrived but they were so accommodating and managed to quickly take care of me even though they knew I wasn’t planning on having any work done immediately at that time. That was amazing service, even toward someone who wasn’t a paying customer yet. Based on this experience, I would definitely trust Avery Auto to work on my vehicle. Thank you all very much!" Jason Malec 

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